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    We are passionate about pampering you - YOU TIME...and about removing toxins, better health, glowing skin - happier and healthier.

    We stock and use only natural and organic skincare and products.

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The Natural Touch Body and Skin Treatment Centre

Your health, wellbeing and relaxation are THE most important things to us!! We use certified organic skincare, we don't use anything that has harmful or toxic ingredients....TOXIC FREE BEAUTY!! Please come in to get away and relax in our 'Island Retreat"...being pampered and cared for. Our products may be certified organic but they get REAL results for your skin, the natural way. Come in and see us for more information

Try our Amazing, Very Popular, Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Wraps - Value $95

Organic Inch Loss Body Wrap

is a totally ORGANIC and SAFE treatment that REALLY WORKS!!! Many clients can lose up to a whole dress size in one treatment.


says "I lost 17cm in my first wrap and 22cm in my second wrap. I am really looking forward to seeing the results of my third wrap. Feeling good!"

Faith Lift Facial - Value $99


I could immediately see real evidence that my skin was plumper, tauter and generally glowing. It was also super soft. I could see positive differences to the lines on my forehead and the bags under my eyes. You can see a difference from the first treatment."