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    We are passionate about pampering you - YOU TIME...and about removing toxins, better health, glowing skin - happier and healthier.

    We stock and use only natural and organic skincare and products.

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The Natural Touch Body And Skin Treatment Centre

Oxygenate and Glow Facial - $105

A Revolutionary Treatment…..Oxygenates the skin, supplies beneficial Botanicals AND Pre and Probiotics to balance the skin’s health inside and out.

Dani…. ‘Best treatment ever!! The results are AMAZING! You definitely won’t be disappointed’

Kate….’My husband’s words after I had this treatment – ‘Woah!’ Friends have also told me how much smoother and softer my skin looks. My skin feels amazing. Very exciting results.’

Collagen Immersion Facial - $110

Using our NEW Jade Rollers to encourage circulation and detoxification. Lifting and tightening, naturally giving a youthful glow and plumpness to your skin.

Barbara….. ‘The sensation of the rollers is very relaxing and I feel my skin is plumper and better hydrated.’

Kay……’ Loved the sensation of the rollers, it felt like they were really doing something for my skin and it was relaxing.’

Massages from $55
Relaxation, Remedial, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone and Himalayan Salt Stone Massages

Jill….. ‘OMG that was the most relaxing massage I have ever had, I could feel the tension just melting away.’

Body Treatments and Pamper Packages from from $99

Stacey….. ‘ The Herbal Hydrating Body Wrap was so relaxing. I feel extremely well hydrated and my skin has a real shimmer to it. I will definitely be back.’



Massage Manicure PedicureMy passion is to give people safer alternatives in skincare and beauty treatments.

I have been a diploma qualified beauty therapist for 37 years and I have seen the good and the bad in products and service

Over 14 years ago I opened the doors to SAFE and NATURAL beauty treatments AND to better customer service....we ALL deserve that !!

The Natural Touch was the first natural beauty salon in Hervey Bay and 14 years later is still the premier NATURAL salon to go to that offers the results you expect. We are also still the ONLY truly natural salon in Hervey Bay.

I do a lot of research into the safety and integrity of the ingredients that are in skincare, personal care products – and more. What some of these ingredients are doing to our health is scary and wrong! AND...we are using them everyday!! Not only are the products I use at The Natural Touch safe and natural....they get REAL RESULTS for your skin as well.

So The Natural Touch was born.....Please come in and be pampered in a nurturing way in my safe, natural, relaxing and ‘homely’ environment, let me melt away the troubles of the world for you. 😊 xx